It is considered that sockets were invented in 1904, when the American Harvey Hubbell invented plug connection. Since then the sockets went through a few stages of development and today except from technical side, providing electrical devices plugging to the electricity, home sockets are becoming a part of interior.

features and application

Key features and spheres of products application

Sockets at home

Sockets at home

Sockets of famous manufacturers are well-known for their quality, as well as their durability. At the same time sockets not only are used in residental and administrative buildings, but in industrial sector as well. Modern sockets for home applications blow away with diversity of their shapes and color options.
Types of production

Types of production

We sell all types of sockets, including false sockets, waterproof sockets, sockets with housing, sockets for connecting TV antennas, sattelite antennas, audio equipment, telephones, computers, as well as industrial volumes.
Wide product range

Wide product range

We have sockets of the following brands represented in our product range: ABB, Schneider Electric, Legrand, Merten, Gira and Delux.

Represented brands

We supply products of the following brands

  • Abb
  • shnider
  • Delux
  • legrand
  • Gira
  • Merten

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